Food & Services

Your meals

When you wake up, a carefully prepared gourmet breakfast awaits you in a basket beneath your treehouse. You have only to hoist it up on the pulley in order to enjoy your choice of seasonal delights on your terrace or in your cabin.

In the evening, if you don’t feel like leaving your comfortable little nest in order to dine elsewhere, we can offer you a choice for 2 people :

  • Tête à tête gastronomique - a fine dining experience for two

Other services

There is information available at Reception on all tourist attractions and cultural activities in the area.

Accompanied outdoor sporting activities: by reservation: Tel: 0689521396 with Gregory, qualified sports coach: cycling, walking, tennis, jogging, stretching, posture and muscle training, Pilates, yoga.

Beauty therapy: on site in your own accommodation: by reservation: Tel: 0631420155 with Audrey, qualified beautician.